Wednesday, April 10, 2013

6 Ways to Increase Investor Engagement During Earnings Season

Here they are…

1) Solicit earnings call questions from investors using social media platforms like StockTwits
FedEx (Ticker: FDX) does it…  
…even with 20+ sell-side analysts ALREADY covering them.
StockTwits’ CEO Howard Lindzon makes the case for this --- as do I.
2) Solicit earnings call questions from investors using your earnings Press Release
Gigamedia (Ticker: GIGM) does it.
3) Solicit earnings call questions using your corporate IR blog
Microvision (Ticker: MVIS) does it --- and the results speak for themselves.
(IR Web Report’s take here.)
4) Respond to post-earnings call investor questions using your corporate blog
Microvision (Ticker: MVIS) does it.
5) Tweet highlights of your earnings call on Twitter and StockTwits
Alcoa (Ticker: AA) does it.
(IR Web Report's take here.)
6) Publish press release entitled “10 Key Takeaways from My Earnings Call”
No one I’m aware of does it….BUT they should….especially small-caps with limited earnings call participation. 
Investors largely don’t set aside time to listen to earnings calls (or read earnings call transcripts). But earnings calls represent one of the few opportunities companies have each year to spread their message. A simple press release with 10 valuable bullet points has potential to be both consumed and shared on social media platforms.

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