Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Most Popular Posts

Over 3 years ago I launched this blog to document my latest thoughts on the financial content space, social media and investor relations. 

The first post detailed my experience as part of the core team that built the financial blog aggregator Seeking Alpha. Many of the strategies discussed in that initial post are still relevant. It's dramatically easier to execute on these strategies than when I was doing so back in 2006-07.

Anyway, in honor of reaching a certain traffic milestone here's a look back at the most popular posts of the last 3+ years:
  • Major Milestone for StockTwits, Investor Relations and Social Media (LINK)
  • Investor Relations 2.0 -- Is SeekingAlpha the Answer? (LINK)
  • TheStreet.com -- The Next Social Media Powerhouse? (LINK)
  • The Future of the Financial Content Space: IR Pros Hold All the Cards (LINK)
  • Crisis Investor Relations in the Age of Social Media (LINK)
  • Pitching New Investors Using Sponsored Content (LINK)
  • Warren Buffett Reveals New Twist to his Optimal IR Strategy (LINK)
NOTE: Lots more to come. Stay tuned. Thank you.

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