Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In his Latest Annual Letter, Warren Buffett Talks Investor Relations

Every year, famed investor Warren Buffett writes an annual letter to Berkshire shareholders.

He typically has something to say about about investor relations.

This year was no different:
"While I’m on the subject of our owners’ gaining knowledge, let me remind you that Charlie and I believe all shareholders should simultaneously have access to new information that Berkshire releases and should also have adequate time to analyze it. 
That’s why we try to issue financial data late on Fridays or early on Saturdays and why our annual meeting is always held on a Saturday.  
We do not talk one-on-one to large institutional investors or analysts, treating them instead as we do all other shareholders."
You can read the full 2014 shareholder letter here.

At a Business Wire event a few year ago, Buffett spoke at great length about his annual letters, earnings calls, communicating with investors online, equal access to information, and his desire to attract long-term investors. See here.

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