Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Bull Case for IDI ( $IDI )

Jay Thompson of SkyTides has written an exhaustive rebuttal to the recent short attack against IDI Inc (IDI). I encourage you to read it. As for IDI's future, Jay concludes with the following:
"We believe IDI will prevail in the litigation with Transunion and that they do have the best development team in the data fusion sector. We also believe Transunion set a floor for IDI's fair market value at $153,400,000 as a result of their intended purchase of the IP that IDI now owns on December 13, 2013. There are also claims that another bidder, Lexis Nexis, was possibly willing to pay $180,000,000 for TLO's assets. We note that IDI estimates its addressable markets at $13.6 billion. If this estimate is accurate and IDI can succeed and obtain even just 10% of the data fusion market, then the fair market value of IDI should approach $1 billion. We believe the terms Transunion would have to propose in order to acquire IDI in the next six (6) months, prior to the launch of IDI's next generation product, idiVerified, would have to exceed $500,000,000. This premium over the 2013 purchase of TLO is reasoned as a result of the fact that IDI owns not only the technology that Transunion intended to purchase in 2013, but also the team that can take the technology to the next level."
Read the rest of Jay's article here.

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