Thursday, August 4, 2016

Questions for IDI Management

IDI (ticker: IDI) reports earnings Monday -- followed by its first earnings call as the "new" IDI. Here are a few preliminary questions I have for management on the call:
  1. After Fluent and Q Interactive, are there any more potential acquisition targets on your radar?
  2. Any plans to raise additional capital?
  3. Any updates on the TRU litigation? If it continues, is it costly? If IDI loses, what's the impact?
  4. Do you anticipate any further significant RSU grants?
  5. Do you anticipate timely reporting and quarterly earnings calls going forward?

If you have any more questions please add them:
I'll be sure to forward all questions to IDI management.

I'll post a transcript of the earnings call here on the blog Monday night / Tuesday.

More IDI analysis HERE.

Disclosure: Long

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