Thursday, April 21, 2016

IDI CEO Discusses the idiCORE Rollout

In late December, IDI (ticker: IDI) announced the beta version of its advanced data analytics platform idiCORE. At the time, the company planned full market rollout in 1Q16. In an email this week, CEO Derek Dubner said the following:
"We have already commercially launched idiCORE, methodically targeting various industry segments with plans to quickly transition to a full rollout. 
This is no small feat as we had to build a cloud-based data fusion platform, proprietary algorithms, acquire and assimilate massive data sets, and load test to ensure stability for thousands of users. 
Legacy systems took upwards of 3-4 years to accomplish this. 
From the time that we finally completed staffing our Seattle office, we have accomplished this in less than 14 months. 
While it seems long to an investor, we are very proud of the time to market."
In regards to idiCORE, CEO Dubner said the following in an interview in late November:
"So as we release the Core product it ramps VERY significantly. That’s all I’ll say. It’s very high adoption of the product and the usage moves up very quickly.
QUESTION And your team is all ready to go? 
CEO: Absolutely. 
We’ve built out our organization here. 
Everything is in place. 
We’re ready to go.
It sounds like the IDI story is finally coming together.

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KQforever said...

Thank you for posting your ongoing coverage for IDI, Ezra. The story is amazing to follow and I remain very impressed of your dedication. Please keep up the good work.

Ezra Marbach said...

Thanks KQ!