Thursday, June 9, 2016

IDI CEO Provides Insight into Latest Acquisition

Yesterday, IDI (ticker: IDI) announced the acquisition of Q Interactive. In an email, CEO Derek Dubner was kind enough to discuss the merits of the deal:
"Yesterday, IDI continued its expansion within the consumer marketing industry with its acquisition of Q Interactive, a performance-based, digital marketing company. This strategic acquisition not only adds a dynamic, profitable company under IDI’s umbrella, but also adds tremendous value to the products and services that we offer clients.

Among other things, the addition of Q Interactive: 
  • Dramatically expands our self-reported consumer database and traffic volume which will enable stronger targeting at scale. For advertisers, this opens up new inventory for distribution and greater targeting capabilities using our combined data assets, proprietary technology and proven marketing strategies. With now over 700,000 registrations per day in the U.S. alone, we are an end-to-end solution for performance marketing and customer acquisition. 
  • Permits access to new clients and campaigns across a variety of advertiser segments to support growth of topline revenue. As Fluent is a people-based marketing company at the core – our business is strengthened by having access to a larger inventory of advertiser offers to deliver to our audience. This works to increase engagement and identify ‘premium yield audience segments’ against specific advertiser segments, which enables us to acquire more media and deliver more volume. Fluent benefits from these ‘network effects’ as we are increasing our leverage with both advertisers and audiences simultaneously.  
  • Enables new technology and product capabilities to maximize return on ad spend. IDI’s data fusion technology will enable us to place a ‘lens’ over the vast amount of data we are accumulating in order to optimize our model in real-time. Further, Fluent and Q Interactive have developed proprietary methodologies to effectively engage and monetize audiences – we will now be able to share this information to maximize our methodologies to create one best-in-class practice to support stronger quality for our partners and profit for the business. 
  • Permits all of the previously described synergies between IDI and Fluent (“risk” and “marketing”) to be greatly enhanced by the acquisition of Q Interactive – greater depth and breadth of data and increased opportunity to layer analytics."
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