Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cogint CEO Derek Dubner's Nasdaq Ceremony Speech (Transcript) $COGT $IDI

Yesterday, IDI (ticker: IDI) became Cogint (ticker: COGT) and moved to Nasdaq. CEO Derek Dubner summed up the opportunity ahead at a ceremony in NYC:

Derek Dubner, CEO of Cogint:
"Thank you very much. This is an honor. 
This is a momentous occasion for our company, Cogint, as we adopt our new brand: 
Cogint, for "cognitive intelligence". 
And this is just that milestone that we move to the Nasdaq and we join the world's best technology companies. 
So, thank you. This is quite the honor. 
But more importantly I thank this team. It doesn't happen without our people and the employees around the country that we have for creating this environment for us. 
We started this 2 years ago. This was just a concept. And here we are today moving to the Nasdaq. 
This management team has built successful companies in data analytics for the last 15 years in what we call the "data fusion" space
We sold those companies to some of the leading companies in the world
And we knew we had an ENORMOUS OPPORTUNITY to re-enter our market to bring the brilliance of our data analytics to industry across all verticals
And we knew this time we could bring next generation technology to the consumer marketing space and to custom analytics where we can build solutions for the best companies in the world. 
And with that we embarked upon our journey with the support of Dr Phillip Frost, Chairman and CEO of Opko Health (ticker: OPK) and our Chairman Michael Brauser
And we have built this company to 200 people strong today. 
I'm proud to say during that journey as our entree into the consumer marketing space we acquired an unbelievable company in Fluent based here in New York City. 
Fluent is a digital performance based marketing company bringing their solutions to advertisers, bringing advertisers customers at massive scale. 
And we're proud to bring our data analytics to Fluent.
We then acquired another brilliant company "Q Interactive" which complemented all of our solutions we bring to market -- and we're running strong. 
BUT, this is just the beginning of what we're building
So, I think this is a fitting day for us to move to the Nasdaq. It reflects our vision and where we're going. 
And I'm very excited. 
I want to thank this team and our employees around the country that we have. 
Thank you."
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