Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reasons I Own IDI / Cogint ( $IDI $COGT )

I was recently asked to list some of the top reasons I own IDI (now Cogint) (ticker: IDI) (new ticker: COGT). Here's a shorter version of what I said:
  • IDI / Cogint’s current management team built 2 previous companies in the same business over the last 15 years and delivered substantial exits (Reed Elsevier, TransUnion).
  • The products they previously built and sold currently generate ~$1.5 billion in annual revenue.
  • Management has now reunited at IDI / Cogint and recently rolled out a far superior, cheaper product that is highly scalable. They expect it'll deliver similarly high margins.
  • Management is much more ambitious this time than their previous 2 exits. Their current addressable market is $20b and growing fast. Management sees IDI / Cogint growing to a billion-dollar company "in short order".
  • IDI / Cogint’s business involves creating actionable intelligence out of disparate pieces of data. The 3 addressable markets for their data fusion product: (1) Consumer marketing, (2) Custom analytics, and (3) Risk management.
  • The only pure play comparable is privately-held Palantir which recently raised funding at a $20 billion valuation. IDI’s current market cap is ~$250 million.
  • IDI / Cogint’s largest shareholder is multi-billionaire Dr. Phil Frost who’s currently CEO of publicly held Opko Health (OPK). He owns 30%+ of IDI and continues to make open market purchases. I’m told he doesn’t invest in anything that doesn’t have the potential to make him at least $1b. He sizes this opportunity at $1b+.
That said, I encourage you to read the following key blog posts:
  • Roth Investor Conference transcript (LINK)
  • Interview with CEO Derek Dubner: (LINK)
  • Interview with Executive Chairman Mike Brauser: (LINK)
More IDI analysis HERE.

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